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I don’t dislike Beyoncé but I think she’s kind of overrated

Like…yeah, she’s a good artist, and from what we see of her life apart from her career she seems like a good role model.

But I don’t think she really warrants people worshipping her the way so many do. There’s a line between praising/uplifting/celebrating excellent women/POC artists, and putting them on a pedestal. I’ve seen people get harassed into deleting their blogs because they criticized her in pretty fair ways.

For me personally, I think her “brand” of feminism can be critiqued.

I’m kind of mixed. On the one hand it’s really great to have a very visible and popular female artist stand in front of the world and declare that she’s a feminist and own her sexuality

On the other hand, I get the impression that the sexuality part is the only aspect of feminism present in her work? Or at least, it feels like it’s the strongest. And there’s nothing wrong with that, obviously, but if you’re calling yourself a feminist you ought to acknowledge that it covers more than just women being able to be sexual/sexy and not getting shamed for it. A LOT more.

Then again, I don’t really follow her much or read/watch interviews of hers, so maybe I’m wrong and it’s just her music that reflects that. Maybe she HAS discussed other feminist issues and I just don’t know.

So. Yeah. TL;DR I think Beyoncé is okay, I don’t think all the worship of her is warranted, and I (tentatively) think her feminism leaves something to desire.

P.S. Something I just remembered is that apparently when she gave birth to Blue Ivy she had her own private security and they basically put the maternity ward on lockdown and kept a lot of people from visiting their babies and spouses for several hours. Which is pretty shitty. I understand wanting as much privacy as a regular person giving birth, but you don’t have the right to prevent people from visiting their own children and families. So yeah, can’t say I liked her much for that.

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There is no level of government spending that will turn a capitalist government into a Communist one.

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